Mountains are earth's undecaying monuments. (Nathaniel Hawthorne)




Alps and lowland - cities and villages - modern and ancient


When I thought of Austria I saw mountains with white snow for my inner eye. And of course magnificent buildings in Vienna and green hats with a "brush" (but no kangaroos...)


Now I know that Austria is so much more - a fantastic countryside with small villages, flatlands in Burgenland, breathtaking railway lines, excellent wines - to mention just a few.


It also fascinates me that it is possible to reach several different countries in just a few hours!

Maybe because I'm Swedish? aAs an internet-site puts it: "Sweden is a vast country, and you can't cover all of it in a single trip"...)


Up to know I have made 30+ "trips" to Austria, and I have not "covered" a fraction of it!

I hope my photos will convey my experiences. You may also see some photos in the "Rail away" section.


Viel spass!




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