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The saddest journey in the world is the one that follows a precise itinerary. Then you're not a traveler. You're a f@@king tourist (Guillermo del Toro)



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Customize your pleasure

Criss-cross or straight forward


If you just want to buy a ticket to your destination, use one of the booking sites (preferably Deutsche Bahn's). Just do it - you can stop reading here, you will find the necessary links to the left.


For me booking and planning are a part of the journey and very amusing. Sometimes I do it just for fun, also when there is no trip in sight...


The keywords are: cheap, comfortable and interresting.

There are hundreds of possible conections and combinations, so I will use a just few examples. Once you get the grip, it's up to you to find your own way.


  1. Graz - Copenhagen - Graz
  2. Villach - Copenhagen - Villach
  3. Venice - Copenhagen - Venice
  4. Lausanne - Copenhagen - Lausanne
  5. Leeuwarden - Copenhagen - Leeuwarden


Deutsche Bahn's booking page will be explained more in detail in the "booking" section, but you have to know a few things to find your routes.

You will find it here!


Let's try with alternative 1 above, Copenhagen to Linz.

Just fill in the form:

Start - Copenhagen, Destination - Linz.

Let's say that the first train from Stockhom, Gothenburg, wherever arrives at Copenhagen central at 11.45, and you are going away 4th of november. Just fill that it in at "Date and time - outward journey".

This is an example - please use a date within 90 days from your current date.

You can skip "travellers" at this moment.


Now you're ready to search in Db's database. When I write this today, the result looks like in pic 1.

Never mind that the "Fares not available" - we'll see in the "Booking" section how that works





Were you want to go and how you book your tickets are not always the same thing - booking section

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Routes to the most common destinations or junctures

Munich, Zürich, Vienna, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Berlin, Venezia, Paris, Hamburg

Like Schwarzwald, Hungary,


Famous, interesting and/or beautiful route.

Schwarzwald, Österreich etc


Museibahnen, smalspår etc






































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